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The Best GoGreece
Sites of the

The Best GoGreece Sites of '99
The Best GoGreece Sites of '98
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Visitor Picks
: A collection of web sites recommended by GoGreece visitors, and voted as the best in their respective category. Current selections are also participating in the annual selection of the "Best Web Sites of 2001!"

All nominations are judged based on Presentation, Organization, Content value and overall Internet Presence.

If you are nominating a web site please complete our nomination form. To vote for a web site please select a category, visit the nominated web site, and follow the instructions available at the nominated web site.


Arts & Humanities
1. Greek Folk Music and Dance
Business & Finance
1. Telecom Club
Computer & Internet
1. BanMan - banners constructor
1. 284 Psimolofou Scouts Group
1. Apostolos Nikolaidis
1. Enwsi Kentrwwn - Vassilis Leventis
Internet Shops
1. The Activist
Personal Pages
1. Stamatina, A Greek girl on the Web
1. Veria Central Public Library
1. A History of the Jews in Greece
Science & Technology
1. hadsonline
Society & Culture
1. Hellenes-Diaspora Greek Genealogy
Sports & Recreation
1. Best 50 Greek Soccer Players of the Century
Travel & Leisure
1. Magical Journeys Travel to Greece

Nomination Rules

- Only one nomination per site/category.

- Voting for a web site can only initiate at the nominated web site. (Please allow 24 - 48 hours for the nominated web site to provide the necessary links.)

- After further review of webmaster comments, our rules have changed to disallow a web site for participating in more than one category. Effective February 3, 1999, a web site may participate only in one GoGreece category.

Voting Rules

- visitors can vote once per category

- Any attempt to generate false votes or to artificially manipulate the results of the vote, will result in disqualification of the nomination and visitor votes.

-Effective February 3, 1999, our voting procedures require that voters confirm their vote by replying back to the vote confirmation email they receive. Votes will not be accepted unless we receive the voter's confirmation email. This change of voting procedures was deemed necessary due to the great volume of invalid votes. The new procedure will allow only one vote per email address and one vote per category, for the entire voting period.

Thank your cooperation and participation to GoGreece's contest for the Best Sites for 1999.

The GoGreece Vote Committee

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