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GoGreece.com and GreekCuisine.com bring you a guide to Greek Cooking, Greek Restaurants, and articles relevant to preparing or fishing for food in Ancient Greece.


Greek Easter Holy Week: The solemnity of HolyWeek in the Greek Orthodox Church ends with the commencement of Easter celebrations, where it .....

Namedays in Greece: Namedays are a special and important part of Greek life because the very names themselves go back to the very beginning of Greek .....

Tinos, Feast of the Virgin. National Holiday on 15th of August.
Tinos is the very special Aegean island where thousands and thousands of devout pilgrims make their way every summer to pay homage in a large, celebrated gathering called, The Assumption of the Virgin. On the 15th of August, a virtual army of believers descend upon this small, rocky Cycladic isle to receive blessings...

The Pride of Oxi Day. National Holiday on 28th of October. 
The magnificent Greek holiday Oxi Day is celebrated every year in Greece on October 28th and mostly remembered for general Ioannis Metaxas' strong reply of 'oxi' (no) to Mussolini's request to allow Italian troops to come into Greece at the beginning of WW II...  

Epiphany: The Blessing Of The Waters: The Greek Festival of Epiphany, or 'The Blessing of the Waters', is held every year on January 6 throughout all .....

Christmas in Greece: Christmas was never considered much of a holiday in Greece compared with Easter, but things have slowly .....

Jewish Heritage in Greece: The Greek National Tourist organization presents a testimony to the history of Jews in Greece.

Ulysses: A Cutlural Route on Ulysses' Trail presented by the Greek National Tourist organization.

Cultural Journey to Greece Join Anna Mavromati on a Cultural Journey to Greece. Anna guides you through Greek Poetry, Greek Costumes, Greek Dancing, and pictures of her homeland.


Learn Greek for your next visit to Greece.

Classroom Resources for teaching children about Greece, available at GreekShops.com

The Travelling Classroom: Join an American Teacher to her educational voyage to Greece.


Greece in Numbers: A collection of useful statistics relevant to Greece.

History of Greece An important theme in Greek history is the multiple identities of its civilization. Greece is both a Mediterranean country and a Balkan country.


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