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Exchange views, ask questions, discuss current news with other goGreece visitors on our bulletin board.
Chat Rooms
Why dont you plan a meeting with a long distance friend in one of the many GoGreece Chat rooms, or join a live discussion now!
Mailing list
From time to time we would like to inform our visitors of new additions and changes at goGreece. If you would like to be informed of GoGreece updates, and other GoGreece happenings please join our moderated (access controlled)  mailing list.
Microsoft's Netmeeting offers some of the most powerful features for online collaboration. Use voice, video, shared desktops, and white boards to collaborate with other Netmeeting users on the Internet. Want to talk to a friend in Greece or anywhere around a world? Use the goGreece.com locator server "ils.gogreece.com" server as your meeting point, and Netmeeting for you long distance call!

Download Netmeeting

Time for play? Then ClicktoPlay! GoGreece.com and Click Online bring you a wide collection of single player and multiple player games. If you are alone shoot some bandits in the classic shoot-em game of Showtime, or play a game of PlaqueMan! Or invite a friend to meet you at the GoGreece.com gamezone for a game of backgammon or chess. 
Radio Control
Access all Greek Radio stations broadcasting live on the Internet using the   GoGreece.com Radio Control.
ICQ is a revolutionary, user-friendly, Internet program that tells you who's online at all times. Use the GoGreece ICQ List to see if your friend are online or to page other people with the same interest.

Download ICQ



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